Personal Shopper

Are you looking for an apartment but don’t have time to do it properly? Do you get tired of contacting too many agencies that don’t understand what you need?

At BIG BCN we guarantee you a personalized service with a personal real estate buyer who will dedicate full time to find exactly what you are looking for. Taking into account your availability, your personal buyer will arrange the viewing of the apartments according to your preferences and needs. With this procedure, you will save time and only see products that are available and match your criteria.


  1. We will show you the same apartments as other agencies, but, unlike them, we will take your schedule into account.
  2. Your personal buyer, who would know exactly what your needs are, will select only the apartments that suit your preferences best so as not to spend useless time and disappointments.
  3. If you live abroad, your personal buyer will do a comprehensive search and arrange virtual tours of the apartments so you don’t have to travel here.
  4. Your personal buyer will handle all document processing and everything related to it. In case you need legal or tax advice, you will also work closely with the specific professionals.

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