About us

+ More than 20 years of Real Estate Advisors

BIG BCN, was born in the 90’s, as a result of satisfying the needs of the real estate sector, especially in newcomers to the city of Barcelona.

In the 1990s, the real estate world was very different from what we know today. There were no real estate portals showing the homes and areas available in each city. It was a time of knowledge and a lot of dedication to have the best product to offer.

Big Bcn, perceived the need to provide advice to people who came to the city for work situations, either temporary or permanent, in the case of rent and customers who then wanted to invest or settle permanently in our country.

The Big Bcn team advised them on everything related to their home. Searching for the perfect home in each case and accompanying the client in all related procedures.

In the case of clients who offered us their property for sale or rent, we marketed the property through our network of contacts and collaborators, speeding up the operation. Following up and advising the owner.

That is why Big Bcn, we are personal real estate consultants and not just a real estate agency.

From then until now, we continue with the same commitment to our customers.

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